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PHISHING AWARENESS TRAINING Empower employees to detect and report phishing attacks attempts.

Attackers are targeting people more directly than ever before, and human error is at blame for 95% of all cybersecurity incidents. Provide targeted, threat-guided education to your users to ensure they know what to do in the event of a real threat. Invict’s Security Awareness Training equips your employees with a comprehensive solution that results in 30% fewer clicks on real-world malicious URLs.

Build a culture of cyber security


The first step is to define your organization’s baseline and identify user cybersecurity knowledge and  gaps. Invict will assists you in determining what your users know, what they would do in the case of an attack, and how they feel about security. These variables will assist you in tailoring  security awareness program to fit your users’ unique needs.

Change Behaviour

The next step toward increased cybersecurity awareness is to change risky behaviour. We can provide targeted, threat-driven training to your users. This personalized online cybersecurity education assists you in driving behaviour change by focusing on your users’ needs and their areas of weakness. This program will regularly expands their security awareness. 


Finally, you may assess the effectiveness of your Security Awareness Training program and compare it to the success against industry peers.  User-reported email accuracy rates, click rates, and reporting rates of both simulated and real-world assaults can be identified. Furthermore, Security Awareness Training raises the exposure of your program, allowing you to effectively convey accomplishment to your executives. It also assists you in focusing on areas for improvement.

Phishing 101